Wednesday, 24 February 2010

follow every instruction

'retreat' 2010 - acrylic on wood

i have a knack for taking really bad photos of my work.
i think it lends something to the paintings though, hiding some of the flaws
but sometimes the flaws help make it what it is.

who knows?
who cares?
i'll still paint it and take a bad photo anyway

after reading an interview with tim biskup in juxtapoz im back to knowing different people have their place in the world.

i remember that i dont have to do things in a certain order or a certain way.
often enough i decide that i dont care about the art world and ill just get on and do what i want to do, and have been doing.
then i fear that no one will see my paintings or drawings and i better do this or that or the world will implode!
but at the end of the day, i get no further or do better
and im comfortable with that

ive been painting for a long time and have never had success
so why does the fear of failure enter my mind?
its not like id be losing something
id still be painting and doing everything else i want to

DIY always
this is filth

i dont care if you read this or not
everything i paint is about process, getting an idea to a finished product is more important than anything that could happen to that piece
but i dont want to document that process - its for me, you can see the result right there if i happen to upload a photo and you happen to look at it.
and dont worry about spending time trying to work out what the meaning is or what i meant.
generally the work speaks for itself, it either comments or gives instructions.
what you do with that is for you to decide but more than likely i meant them as words.
purely words that were going round my head until i decided i had to write them down to stop them.

go read a book or go skate